• When Tommy first stepped onto the mats at Primal he was searching for more than a place to work out.

    He’d heard that martial arts are amazing for both the body and mind, but his apprehension at the thought of getting bullied or treated like a punching bag as a newcomer was real.

    His worry was gone by the end of his first class. Everyone, from trainers and coaches to fellow athletes, took the time to make sure he felt safe and comfortable.

    Instead of feeling intimidated by the other members, he felt welcomed and supported by the team and the community’s dedication to continuous learning and growth.

    New friends, who have become like family, keep pushing him to hone in on his fighting instinct, and it’s translated into his life outside the gym.

    Whether rolling on the mats, hitting pads, or showing up to work each day, Tommy’s calmness and self-esteem have skyrocketed, propelling him to new heights in his life.

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