• Perseverance – a brand new short film produced by Clara T Berger and Primal MMA features two of Primal MMA’s core members: Tommy Le and Maggie Mahon.

    The short film deals with one of the most important principles in martial arts: perseverance. Despite the diversity in culture, tradition, and style between the distinct martial arts, perseverance plays an important role in all of them. All martial artists trade in perseverance. They confront it every time they train, every time they’re tired, every time they lose, and every time that voice in their head tells them to quit. For athletes, the obstacles and failures are guaranteed to come, what matters most is how they respond to them. For the majority of them, there are two options: to quit, or to keep going. Perseverance is the practice of continuing, not because it is easy to do so, but because it is necessary to do so. Perseverance is the sacrifice of comfort in the present, for fulfillment and success in the future.

    Perseverance is a skill, and as such, it must be practiced. Just like we can transform our bodies by lifting weights and exercising, we can change our ability to persevere by training physically to our limits, and using our mind to push through them.

    Martial Arts is the perfect platform to practice perseverance. Whether you are a boxer, or a grappler, whether you prefer Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu, these arts provide the framework in which we can practice perseverance. First off, they all require you to learn new skills, punching, kicking, submissions and throws, but also movement, creating distance, and how to effectively counter attacks. You also learn how to perform under pressure, how to fight the instinct to freak out, and how to find calm in the midst of a chaotic environment. Most important of all , you learn what you are made of, and you learn how to change it.

    As highlighted in our short film Perseverance, there are times when we fail. There is not much we can do about this fact. We can however, change how we react to this fact. The solution starts with willingness to tough it out, by exercising to our limits, and by beginning to push them further and further. Day in day out, consistency is the key. Perseverance is the key.

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