• Primal MMA Grand Opening!

      On May 10th 2014, we are proud to be hosting the official Grand Opening of Primal MMA Academy and the expansion of Primal Movement to include a lower level. We will now make up a 6000sq ft. comprehensive Mixed Martial Arts / Strength and Conditioning Facility. The day will include tours, women self defence seminar, 8 Men Blue Belt

  • Big Day for Primal MMA

     Saturday March 29th was big Day for PRIMAL MMA. Leo Rimando took the gold in the Grappling Industries Sub Only Tournament at Ryerson and Jon-Taine Hall won the NFC Light Heavyweight Championship Belt in Charlottesville, Virginia with an arm bar submission in the third round. All the hard work really paid off. Congrats gentlemen!

  • About Us

    Primal MMA is an offshoot of Primal Movement and is the best and only true MMA and BJJ Gym in Leslieville, Toronto. Our 2 level 6000 sq.f. facility provides classes in BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, Russian Sambo, traditional boxing, wrestling, submission grappling along with Strength & Conditioning.